Charter Market Cut in Half

Since the 2008 collapse, the chartering of private aircraft is off by 50%.  This is good news for species that are big on mutations and adaptions.  Not so good for the clingers to broken models, pricing and attitudes.

So you own an airplane, or would like to and need some revenue to justify the entire charade?  Not a problem.  The concept isn’t new, but the landscape is littered with relationships that didn’t work due to poor foundations, analysis, or simply the experience to know where the problems lie.  Look carefully at the herd, then establish some simple criteria for ranking who makes sense to keep your machine.  The first characteristic to look for is what is the motivation of the crew and manager to keep it earning the most all the time.  A crew and manager that get fed no matter what the airplane does is rarely a good dynamic.  In fact, since 2005, the FAA has become involved and is actively dissuading relationships where the crew answer to the owner and not the operator.  While this was done for safety reasons, it had far reaching consequences for how crews can be dispatched, on short notice, to fly all types of jobs, including organ transplants, surgical team relocation and other more glamorous types of revenue.

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