Manager vs. Marketer

This lazy pilot is sitting.  You’ll notice he’s not flying.  He’ll tell you that he was fueling, but you’ll notice there’s no fuel thingy in his hand.  He’s sitting folks.

He spends more flying his 185 than he does flying your Hawker.  

The key with managers and pilots is knowing what species you’ve got.  A worker bee, or a “I’d like to fly 300 hours or so per year – no more please.”  Many aircraft owners don’t even realize they’ve picked a manager.  Here are three clues that indicate you’ve selected a manager and not a marketer:

#1 There was less revenue than predicted, yet the costs were higher.  Hrm…
#2 Maintenance is performed by the same people that manage….
#3 The invoices are hard to understand, but they’re big and getting bigger.

In fact, this is an old theme, we’ve hammered on it since 1994, at the outset of our operational experience and during the boom times of fractional, etc.  As they say – the more things change, the more they stay the same.

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