Mark Smith of Kavango Air: Still Funny

Screen Shot 2013-02-05 at 12.13.15 PMAfter all these years, trials and tribulations, not only is Mark as funny as ever, but he’s also an ironman nutcase.  If running an air charter outfit in northern Botswana wasn’t masochistic enough, Mark regularly grinds out 3 hour, 4 hour early morning rides beyond the buffalo fence north of Maun into god knows where for a bite to eat and drink before cruising back into the metropolis of the Okavango Delta.

If you can’t swing the self fly safari, but want a 9 passenger machine with the world’s pre-eminent MC, host, pilot and story teller, consider giving him a call.  A veteran of the Okavango Delta, having flown for many folks in Maun, Mark has run his own operation since 2005.  There is no one quite like this individual.  Tam and I were lucky enough to get ahold of him while staying at the (as he calls it) “Island Suffering Lodge” on the outskirts of Maun.

While his firm runs fine in his absence, it is important to note that his personal schedule is limited by his ironman obsession which takes him somewhere on the planet each month to bang out an ironman.  You heard that right ladies: This man is 1/2 a century old (we think) and does an ironman every month.  That’s damn good DNA scientists seem to think.

Kavango Air is located in Maun and they’ll do just about anything if you ask nicely and don’t make them fly overgross in a disrespectful and American fashion.

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