The 2012 Hawker Review

Well, it’s that time again.  The Hawker Review gets some love every couple of years and we’re making it available for a while at no charge for the benefit of Hawker 800XP owners (as well as older and newer) and for yet to be Hawker owners.  The big thing to note this year is what is happening to a swath of about 500 serial numbers that wear the Hawker 800XP monicker.  

The XPr program is a viable way to make the charter competitive unworthy mid-size super star back into a viable contender.  While not a leader of the class, owners are taking note and in our crystal ball we see XPr and similar programs being unleashed on 100 or more of the 500 eligible aircraft.  Enjoy a complimentary copy.  Let us know if you have further questions about it or other species of private aircraft.

Hawker 2012 Aircraft Review

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