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Marketing Your Aircraft for Export

One of the biggest perceived barriers to aircraft sales is the export or import question. Even we get a bit jumpy when fetching a US registered aircraft to import to Canada, Europe, or better yet, The Republic of Botswana.  But … Continue reading

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Hawker 400XP / Beechjet 2012 Aircraft Review

We last took a look at the Beechjet aka Hawker 400XP in 2009. The smart move would have been (if you were buying in 2009, which in all fairness, seemed like a good time to buy…) to go with an early … Continue reading

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Hawker Files, XPR program not at risk.

The reason why the XPR program is worth noting is that reshaping the company from one that cranked out a lot of good stuff, to one that gives new life to the old good stuff is a trend.  We are … Continue reading

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