Hawker 400XP / Beechjet 2012 Aircraft Review

We last took a look at the Beechjet aka Hawker 400XP in 2009. The smart move would have been (if you were buying in 2009, which in all fairness, seemed like a good time to buy…) to go with an early 1990s vintage Beechjet 400A.  Then, at least, you’d be the winner of the least depreciation contest – a mere 25%.  But we come bearing good news.

Despite whatever you read regarding any jet manufacturer, the debut of the factory XPR program (in response to the Nextant) is validation that revitalizing airframes is a sound strategy.  The best positioned clients were typically the ones that bought at the outer limit of their airframe / age tolerance.  Airplanes, unlike many other things, don’t age with age.  They age with neglect and not being used frequently, never mind regular expensive maintenance.

Taking a sneak peek at some important information in this update is where the aircraft is going in terms of residual hull values, and relative performance to new offerings.

To get more information on Beechjets, Hawker 400As XPs, XPRs or Nextant don’t hesitate to contact us.

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