Rethinking Revenue

air-taxi-12One of the curses of private aviation start ups (the great air taxi revolution!) is the obvious – not enough utilization, not enough income and giant killer overhead. The dynamic between revenue and utilization is the simple reality that when both go up the fixed costs are less per flight, per hour, per passenger, etc. While this may be airplane economics 101 the landscape is littered with brave and smart people with vision who, in the words of someone in 2005, wanted to “darken the skies” with Eclipses. As we know, that didn’t happen, in large part because Dayjet, despite having the best minds and resources, didn’t happen. Continue reading Rethinking Revenue

Simulation is Risk Management

simulator_cae5000For those non-piloting / aviator readers, let me bring you into a little oddity about the FAA, and by extension the world in general. If the airplane you want to fly weighs more than 12,500 lbs. or has jet engines, you need to go to school for “it.” ┬áNamely, your pilot licence has it “named” on your licence. It would be like your Maryland driver’s license saying “Toyota Camry – no restrictions.” (You can drive it alone!) ┬áBut, fear not, this is logical and a good thing, because when they get that big and complicated, you don’t want to be licensed on too many of them, at least not too many at once. Continue reading Simulation is Risk Management