Fly Your Dog?

A key consideration for your next Cessna 140 modified bush plane:

Can you fit the hound?

Image care of Aaron Bartels

So you purchased a 1947 Cessna 140, put some bush tires on it, and your therapist feels that this is a good direction (and step!) for you.

Bravo.  You eschew “Burning Man” for Wrangell Inlet.  You’re my kinda peeps.

But before we get too excited [whilst thinking of taildragger upgrades], let’s look at the basic needs of the new aircraft owner, facing a mild midlife crisis:

#1 Even though it might belong in The Smithsonian, can I put a USB port in it?

Great question!  … the answers is YES.  You will need to go to Staples and politely ask for the museum grade 12V DC battery to USB conversion kit.  They will fight you initially, but after being soooper polite to the clerk you genuinely engage, they’ll see that you clearly are worth 43 min. of their time.  You have, after all, purchased what vertebrate paleontologists term “a living fossil.”  Everyone has time for such peeps.

#2 Can I make the airplane fly faster?

No. Be happy with the USB port.

#3 The dog is not looking at the camera, should I be concerned?

Yes.  The dog has already been “introduced” to its seat.  Lots of treats were required.  After a failed attempt at manipulation / bribery, the pilot gave up and said, “F–k it… we’ll just get a picture I guess.”  The treats were then placed off frame to the left after the “sit” and “lay down” commands were given.

The result is this glorious picture.

Dog acceptance of its small area will be the subject of another post.

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