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My road to aircraft management, consulting, teaching and pontificating is mostly fun and full of great characters.  It is also action packed, yet low in sodium.

I started looking at Jane’s All The World’s Aircraft whilst still inside the womb.  I had a headlamp and a very understanding mother.

I was afflicted with aviation obsession, but the doctor said my bone and brain development would be ok, provided a steady diet of more airplane stuff was forthcoming.

My mother had some regret that I touched the controls of a Beech Baron in Kenya at 14.

Mainly because I marched back to the States to work on my private license the very next year.  Then I learned that you can’t be a pilot until 17.  So I became a hazardous solo only pilot (while waiting for the test), working and selling everything to get more airplane time at Fern’s Flying Service in Concord, NH.

Since then I’ve been deeply marinated in airplane stuff as a bona fide participant: Pilot, owner, operator, consultant and manager.  Whether you are an airline passenger or private jet owner, I can help you understand complex and obscure concepts with an analogy that will save you days and millions.  Abstract technical stuff is my thing.

I harbor a passion for proletariat air taxi and a few other tough things to pull off.  When I’m not advising the well heeled on how to stay out of trouble, I’m busy raising awareness for aviation technology and services ventures that compliment my curiosity and passion for understanding the world better.

Menu of stuff I do, that I have not yet been sued for doing:

  • Aircraft Management, Marketing and Revenue Analysis
  • Part 135 Aircraft, Crew and Operational Conformity and Compliance
  • Aircraft Ownership, Fractional Shares and Jet Card Programs
  • Bush (off airport) Operations Planning and Risk Mitigation
  • New & Pre-Owned Aircraft Acquisitions
  • Private Equity, M&A Due Diligence
  • Flight Instruction: Multi, Turbine, Tailwheel, Float, TAA* and High Performance

*TAA = Technically Advanced Aircraft.

For Bay Area flight instruction, aircraft acquisition and pilot services, more about me here.

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