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Super Cub, Husky, and other tandem solutions:  If you typically only have one passenger typically, and are looking for an inexpensive time builder, this is the right amphib for you.

More practical, but expensive amphibians: The Cessna Skywagon (CE-180 and CE-185) and Cessna Stationair (CE-206).  These aircraft have similar performance but can carry a lot more volume, weight and gear.

The advantage to amphibious plumbing is that if you live in a northern climate (where lakes and bays freeze) you can install hydraulic wheel skis for winter flying:

These wheel / skis extend to “ski under wheel” for snow ops and retract to “wheel under ski” for pavement landings at airports.  This is a turbine conversion of the single engined DHC-3 Otter. Note: The wheel skis on this aircraft will not be swapped out for amphibious floats in the summer and amphibious floats are rare on the single engined Otter mainly for practicality and useful load considerations. 

Landplane Flying:  FAA Private, Commercial, Multi-Engine, CFI and ATP ratings.

In addition to standard ratings I offer:

  • Mountain flying check outs
  • Tailwheel endorsements
  • Make and model specific training for insurance purposes
  • Multi-engine and turbine aircraft safety pilot services
  • Pilot services in Cessna and Piper piston twins and turbines as well as the King Air series (90, 100, 200 and 350) and Phenoms 100 and 300.