Consulting is a blog I started in 2014 to focus on the needs of current and aspiring turbine aircraft owners.

Since launching the blog I’ve run into three key subject areas that are worth writing about, consulting on, and engage pilots with.  I also focus on aspiring pilots as well as aircraft owners, operators and future owners.

Safety: Simply put, human factors is in its infancy.  I connect things like racism, physical condition, mental health, gender bias and a general “lack of learning” mindset to safety.  I don’t have the empirical data yet, but I’m getting warmer.

Design:  We live in an era where aviation is a century old, yet much of our rate of innovation has paused.  Many of the factors that drive that interest me.  What drives people to keep pushing, even when there is no economic or military needs fascinates me.

Finance:  Since representing aircraft owners in transactions, I never ceased to be amazed how fast and loose industry players can be with a client’s cash.  Representing an owner, protecting them from feasibility study through acquisition is something I enjoy doing.

Despite appreciating the power, reliability and smell of turbine engines, I’m still an eager small aircraft person and bush pilot at heart.  Here I am freezing while fueling C-GOLF at CSE4 when I lived just west of Montreal.

It is moments like these that led me to moving to California.


After putting gas in the old Cessna 185, I coaxed Eddie Zucca to go from Montreal to New York City at 500 feet AGL the entire way.

This is the face of true low altitude focus: