Are you looking for more than just a pilot?  Here’s a short list of what I can help you accomplish:

  • Private through commercial flight instruction, as well as seaplane, tailwheel and bush flying coaching.  I’m not teaching to build time, I’m a Phenom 300 contract pilot who publishes, consults and teaches.  I do it because I enjoy sharing, helping and connecting aircraft people to opportunities, safety and coherence.  I’m also fluent in French (bi-lingual) and licensed by the FAA and Transport Canada.
  • Complete acquisition, management and oversight for current or future aircraft.  As a former Part 135 operator and aircraft manager, I know how to avoid being stung on maintenance, fuel and things that always seem to cost more when they go on an airplane.
  • Peace of mind for your family or insurance company: Safety pilot, mentor flying and technically advanced aircraft training. (a/k/a How to make friends with but not get bitten by automation. Wrote about it here.)
  • Multi-engine and real world practical “how to” flying for your aircraft, whether it is a high performance single or newly acquired turboprop.  I ride in the right seat to make your life easier and your approaches stabilized and passenger pleasing.

Contact me via airwebster@gmail.com or text / call 617.901.3245.