Tailwheel Endorsements

Learn how to master a Super Cub or Super Decathlon on conventional gear.  “Conventional gear” is FAA speak for “the tail drags” on a “tailwheel.” Or as pilots tend to call them, “tail draggers.”

Fly like Sully did once upon a day, “Old School.”

What are the advantages of mastering a taildragger?

  • Stick and rudder skills: Your feet will cooperate and participate!
  • Easy transition to seaplane or ski-plane flying.
  • Develop acute wind awareness.
  • Master the “wheel landing” which allows you to stop fast, see well and look like a pro.
  • Transition to a DC-3 later with less hassle.  (After you are done showing off in Sonoma Skypark (0Q9) or Frazier Lake (1C9) with our taildragger.)

What is the cost?   [Please note: This is Bay Area pricing]

  • Both aircraft are $110 / hr. dry (fuel averages $40 / hr. in the Bay Area, so plan on $150 per hour “ish”)
  • The instructor fee for each lesson is either $375 or $500 depending on whether you use 3 hours or 4 hours. [Most students finish the endorsement in 10 hours or ~ $2350.00]

What do you get out of it?

Upon successful completion of the tailwheel endorsement you get a logbook entry to that effect. That’s it! No checkride, no stress and no mess.

If you are passionate enough to want a job flying “off airport” somewhere on the periphery of the civilized world, our maverick instructors offer Alaskan, African, Canadian and remote USA experiences, ideas, job connections and more.

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