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Finding Your Local DPE (Designated Pilot Examiner)

This link is a good way to find contact details of the DPE you need / want for your next check-ride.  DPE’s are specific to aircraft make and model, as well as type, so keep that in mind as you peruse.

Part 135 Aircraft: Revenue for your aircraft and aircraft management.

This address is a link to all aircraft that can be operated for hire under Part 135.  If you don’t find a tail number on that list, odds are you shouldn’t be paying for a ride to go from a to b in that airplane.  The list is an MS Excel format summary of every aircraft tail number that is able to operate for hire on an FAA Part 135 Air Carrier Certificate.

If you are interested in how to have your aircraft operated intelligently under Part 135 (aircraft management or “revenue management”) then contact me via

Accident and Safety Data

The NTSB tracks all preliminary and final reports here.  The simplest way to query an accident is to insert a time band of when it happened or insert the airport code and then look for your incident in question.  Note: Only use three letters for US airports and drop the K as the prefix letter.  For example, search for “PWM” and not “KPWM” if wanting to see the accident history at Portland, Maine.

Accidents are nearly 100% preventable.  I publish stuff about safety at as well.  The safety articles from can be found here.



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