Jerod Flohr

CFII – MEI ATP FAA – Advanced UP/RT and Warbird Jets

Type Ratings, Experience & Instructor Details:

  • Jet Warbirds / UPRT: TA-4 and S-211
  • Business / personal jets: CE-510, EMB 505 and G500
  • Bush and Classic Warbirds: PC-6T and AT-6 Texan
  • Single Engine Turboprops: The Socata TBM 900

About Jerod:

With almost 12,000 hours in many makes and models, over half of his flight time is “dual given” instruction in aerobatic, warbird, and tailwheel aircraft. From owning his own aerobatic flight school to flying air shows in the Extra 300L and TA-4 Skyhawk, he has a unique set of skills for a civilian aviator.

A check airman in Embraer 135’s and Gulfstream 550’s as well as teaching and mentoring in the Piper Meridian, TBM900, PC-6/PC-12, Jerod is passionate about aviation, the mighty AT-6 Texan, and especially about keeping pilots safe. Jerod has his finger on the pulse of what owner pilots (and professional pilots alike) need to stay safe in their aircraft.

Rate: $2500 per day plus travel & lodging. All travel to and from client visits is billed at one day per travel day.

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