Turboprop Evolution and Amortization

Perhaps no one has a true sense of what amortization means more than Pratt and Whitney did once upon a time.  When it comes to turboprop aircraft sales, someone was betting long at Pratt.

Sure your accountant will tell you what it means for your jet or turboprop vs. an expense, but how about someone who amortized a really big number over a long period of time?  Well… the PT 6 is that story.

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Overhaul and Hot Section

As someone wise once said, it is the *&^%$ little things that kill you.  With airplanes… it isn’t so much the big bills you get.  It is the thousand here and there you didn’t see coming and have a hard time measuring.

Entire ecosystems thrive off you and your plane.

A child will go to a better school because you paid a tad more for Jet-A than you should have.  You are the unknowing philanthropist. Continue reading Overhaul and Hot Section