Makin’ Love to Learjets

This thirsty little Lear 25 is hooking up to tanker because, well … it has short legs.  But let’s not forget it’s offspring – the Lear 35.  Now old enough to be your somewhat annoying son in law, like your son in law, it has also made its mark on the family.

Built in the late 70’s, the Lear 20 and 30 series are actually one of the longest running light jet rockstars of charter and the private jet world.  For the 20 series one reason – amazing design and wing.   Continue reading Makin’ Love to Learjets

Charter Market Cut in Half

Since the 2008 collapse, the chartering of private aircraft is off by 50%.  This is good news for species that are big on mutations and adaptions.  Not so good for the clingers to broken models, pricing and attitudes.

So you own an airplane, or would like to and need some revenue to justify the entire charade?  Not a problem.  The concept isn’t new, but the landscape is littered with relationships that didn’t work due to poor foundations, analysis, or simply the experience to know where the problems lie.   Continue reading Charter Market Cut in Half

Hawker Series Aircraft Review Update 2012

The 2012 version of the Hawker review is just about done.  We don’t have too many major changes to report this year other than the pending Netjets dumping of their series and which serial numbers this will affect most adversely.   All in all it has been a brutal 4 years for the type, though the XPR upgrade for the later models proves hopeful for the charter management and fractional owners.  Continue reading Hawker Series Aircraft Review Update 2012

Turboprop Evolution and Amortization

Perhaps no one has a true sense of what amortization means more than Pratt and Whitney did once upon a time.  When it comes to turboprop aircraft sales, someone was betting long at Pratt.

Sure your accountant will tell you what it means for your jet or turboprop vs. an expense, but how about someone who amortized a really big number over a long period of time?  Well… the PT 6 is that story.

Continue reading Turboprop Evolution and Amortization

Overhaul and Hot Section

As someone wise once said, it is the *&^%$ little things that kill you.  With airplanes… it isn’t so much the big bills you get.  It is the thousand here and there you didn’t see coming and have a hard time measuring.

Entire ecosystems thrive off you and your plane.

A child will go to a better school because you paid a tad more for Jet-A than you should have.  You are the unknowing philanthropist. Continue reading Overhaul and Hot Section