Oakland based amphibious aircraft improves your life

Private Solution to a Public Problem

Since the Bay Area does not yet have a version of Vancouver’s Harbor Air – where you can get from Napa to Palo Alto in 30 minutes – and because San Franciscans are known plagiarists, a group of local pilots is helping jump start the obvious solution – use the 3rd dimension.

We are currently seeking owners for an amphibious aircraft for training, tours and ultimately Part 135 charter operations.

You, happy, commuting in minutes vs. hours.

Local professional pilots Drew Kemp and Adam Webster are putting together a group of buyers to own a Cessna 185, 206, or 208. Additionally we seek an Aviat Husky or Super Cub amphibian. If you are interested in being an owner, please contacts us.

The routes below are examples how you can get around in your aircraft.

Shorten your commute, improve your life.
Typical flights are 10 min. to 25 min.