Buy Learn Fly

“Buy Learn Fly” was born out of the logic that focus is key.

Buy the aircraft, Learn in it and Fly. Why not do your training in the aircraft you also want to concentrate your initial experience in?

We help clients purchase their first aircraft through our Pro Buyer Program and then pair them with a flight instructor mentor that sees them through to their FAA Private Pilot License, IFR and beyond.

This avenue makes more sense than most flight schools might admit. This is especially true if you are approaching aviation in a serious and committed fashion.

The foundational tenets of starting from scratch in your own aircraft are:

  1. Learn Your Aircraft – Train in the aircraft you need to build time in. You are happier, insurance is saner and instruction is smoother.
  2. Availability: The aircraft is always available. In fact you can rent it back to a flight school or charter company if you are looking to have it offset some ownership costs.
  3. Why Wait?: You can do it in a cool plane, like that high performance taildragger you’ve been drooling over. Or that high speed cross country machine that will save you so much travel time.
  4. Deep Understanding: You will learn much more than you would from renting a flight school’s plane. The machine is yours, you want to know its nuances and eccentricities. Why start a whole new relationship with each lesson?
  5. Lower Insurance: Lower your future insurance costs by building time in your first aircraft. Your initial hours will be with an instructor, allowing you to build valuable “time in type.” Ask your insurance agent. If you don’t have one, let us point you to some of the best in the country.
  6. Save Money: While perhaps counter-intuitive, your cost per hour will be less. In fact, if you buy the aircraft right, your aircraft will hold its value, if not see some slight appreciation, depending on the age of the aircraft.

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