Multi-Engine IFR

You bought a twin. And you thought: “I’ll find an instructor locally who will help me knock this out!” It was a reasonable plan and assurances were offered.

Then the MEI vanished and your insurance company stepped in. Pretty soon, nothing was happening.

The AMEL add on rating is relatively straight forward affair, however, it is a key step into territory that requires the utmost attention to a new paradigm of learning challenges:

  • Task saturation: Your first twin will be a new kind of teacher too.
  • Automation: Learning, trusting and using the autopilot and automation is central to your well being, mental health and stabilized… well everything.
  • Situational Awareness: Situational awareness, descent planning and other aircraft specific tricks to protect you and your investment

What’s Next? How Does it Work?

  1. Schedule a short intake call here (15 min. to get a sense of need)
  2. Determine cost / length of training ($1250 USD per day + travel & lodging)
  3. Plan your training time (find a time for 5 to 10 uninterrupted days)
  4. Execute training agreement (spell out what we’ll focus on, and expectations)
  5. Start training in your aircraft, at your airport, on your schedule!