IFR Finish Up

So, you started your IFR training. Then the instructor got hired by the airlines. Next, the flight school became unreliable. No one seems to care you have your own plane.

Then you got busy at work and your airplane went down for an annual that never ended. Paying for training isn’t the issue – it is finding the right instructor to pay for completion. We get it.

Get Your IFR Finished and Passed:

  • Learn from on site mentor level CFIIs / MEIIs that will finish your training and sign you off for the check ride. We can even recommend local examiners to you.
  • Build core skills that will keep you safe while knowing what to expect on the check ride, how to handle the real world of IFR flying.
  • Train on a simulator in your home. Yes, a legal FAA Basic Aviation Training Device, where you can not only practice, but legally log time. (Note: simulator deployment at client home is subject to availability and extra cost.)

What’s Next?

  1. Schedule a short intake call here (15 min. to get a sense of need)
  2. Determine cost / length of training ($1250 USD per day + travel & lodging)
  3. Plan your training time (find a time for 5 to 10 uninterrupted days)
  4. Execute training agreement (spell out what we’ll focus on, and expectations)
  5. Start training in your aircraft, at your airport, on your schedule!

2 thoughts on “IFR Finish Up”

  1. Adam and I worked together on an accelerated and safe program to get me over the finish line for my IFR rating. I’m definitely a more capable pilot that understands how to use the rating at my ability level and have been utilizing it quite a bit. Throughout the process we identified a variety of areas for me to improve on from my private pilot skills as well. I highly recommend him!

    1. Jeff – it was a pleasure. Nothing beats teaching with a great autopilot and a G1000 set up! And never mind a great pilot.

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