Single Engine Turboprop Training

Learn this stuff & Love this stuff. It will love you back.

You loved your first high performance piston aircraft.

Then you met your first TBM, PC-12 or M600 / Meridian. Life hasn’t been the same since you saw speed, simplicity, safety and let’s be honest… gobs more power.

But your insurance company stepped in and said, “Not so fast.” Followed by, “You’ll need some SOE” (SOE = supervised operational experience.

Problem solved. We help you get the training you need, add a rating while you’re at it and generally bond with your plane like a pro. Go the extra mile and drill down on aircraft systems, real world turboprop ops, life in the flight levels and other specifics your underwriter will great about.

Engage us before you buy and save money on your acquisition through pro buyer help and start building time right from the ferry flight back after the pre-buy and closing.

No kidding, we do this all the time.