Aviation Confidential

I’m passionate about teaching and flying.

And while I have more than a few mentors that died in flying things, such tragedies only helps us go deeper into studying the flying species of people, to understand what makes us tick, teach and keep pushing the envelope of learning, flying and evolving.

The words “they say” are often annoyingly put before a platitude, but they say you shouldn’t spend too much time looking in the rear view mirror.  The problem is there is just so much in our lives that is there.

My early professional flying years were so driven, focused and borderline obsessive, that I had a hard time appreciating the magic of moments.  Landing “off airport” in a field, a frozen harbor, or any unplanned event leaves me wanting to tell more and inspire others to give it a shot, learn or…  not be afraid to duck out early of any endeavor that just doesn’t feel right.

Aviation Confidential is a reservoir for a project that I find therapeutic.  Tony Bourdain was one of the best writers, story tellers, and bon vivants to strut the streets of New York, Montreal and well… everywhere.  My title and body of writing is partly inspired by and dedicated to him.  The stories below are an homage to all the living, dead and upcoming workers in this complex and unappreciated industry we call aviation.

Soft Cookies

University of Okavango

“De runway, she’s gone.”

Mentor Mortis (Part 1 of 3)

A Rescue from Crustaceanicus