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Pattern Work, Landing and Teaching

I’m near certain that umpteen zillion posts have written about this subject.  Nevertheless, here I go with my addition to the pile. How do you teach students to land safely, who didn’t know how to fly a mere 10 hours … Continue reading

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BFL and why it matters

For those pilots out there this post will cause you to wonder “why is he writing that?” followed by: “I know about that.” I know you do – this isn’t for you.  It’s for everyone else.  With the high profile … Continue reading

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Surfair Suffering from Convention

Revolution is tough without that disruptive nugget.  Not having that nugget has led Surfair to retreat into the conventional operation of what could have been a novel membership based system.  I’ve followed them since their birth since I’m no stranger to the concept of … Continue reading

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Rethinking Revenue

One of the curses of private aviation start ups (the great air taxi revolution!) is the obvious – not enough utilization, not enough income and giant killer overhead. The dynamic between revenue and utilization is the simple reality that when … Continue reading

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Hawker 400XP / Beechjet 2012 Aircraft Review

We last took a look at the Beechjet aka Hawker 400XP in 2009. The smart move would have been (if you were buying in 2009, which in all fairness, seemed like a good time to buy…) to go with an early … Continue reading

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The 2012 Hawker Review

Well, it’s that time again.  The Hawker Review gets some love every couple of years and we’re making it available for a while at no charge for the benefit of Hawker 800XP owners (as well as older and newer) and … Continue reading

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Times of Plenty

How many people are there in the world that can buy a jet?  Good news … not enough. Prices will continue to fall for the foreseeable future for the simple reason that building wealth (and convincing partners) takes time.  Compounding this … Continue reading

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