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My iPad Scares Me

I’m no safety guru, but I’m old enough to know some things make me more dangerous.  And like many dangerous toys that I’ve accumulated over the years, I am growing more and more attached to the @$#%& iPad.  The reason … Continue reading

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Marketing Your Aircraft for Export

One of the biggest perceived barriers to aircraft sales is the export or import question. Even we get a bit jumpy when fetching a US registered aircraft to import to Canada, Europe, or better yet, The Republic of Botswana.  But … Continue reading

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Self Fly Safari Not Crazy

Adam just got back from South Africa, Namibia and Botswana.  He’s confessed that it was surprisingly easy compared to his pre-trip fears.  The general angst and fear that North Hemispherians suffer from when booking, paying (and dealing with the licensing … Continue reading

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Mark Smith of Kavango Air: Still Funny

After all these years, trials and tribulations, not only is Mark as funny as ever, but he’s also an ironman nutcase.  If running an air charter outfit in northern Botswana wasn’t masochistic enough, Mark regularly grinds out 3 hour, 4 … Continue reading

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