How to buy a Skywagon


You’ve decided to buy a Skywagon.

You imagine, very soon, how you will look next to your outback magic carpet ride: Camping, float flying, ski fly-ins, and fishing at a lake that few can ever get to.

You can even see it parked in your driveway.

And then there’s the mobility: Alaska, finally… wait… maybe Maine? Geez, or Quebec… but then why not Labrador? Why limit your potential. With this rig – you can go anywhere.

Your fantasy was cemented on that last fishing trip out of Juneau.
Just look at that ramp presence!

But never mind the day dreaming … those big tires will make you so cool on the FBO ramp. So hip, that the Gulfstream 550 captain stares at your bad ass rig with envy. That Gulfstream, incidentally, is going to the Cannes Film Festival with some *pretty* sophisticated catering to boot.

Ha! “Not moi monsieur”, you think. You have free will – and you don’t fawn over the Hollywood A-list…. because you’re going to Greenville, Maine … for the fly in. You, my friend… are crushing it.

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My iPad Scares Me

I’m no safety guru, but I’m old enough to know some things make me more dangerous.  And like many dangerous toys that I’ve accumulated over the years, I am growing more and more attached to the @$#%& iPad.  The reason it is dangerous? It does everything.  And if it can’t, it will next week.  And it lets me do very stupid things, quickly, with very little preparation. Continue reading My iPad Scares Me

Marketing Your Aircraft for Export

One of the biggest perceived barriers to aircraft sales is the export or import question. Even we get a bit jumpy when fetching a US registered aircraft to import to Canada, Europe, or better yet, The Republic of Botswana.  But here’s the thing – if you want to sell your aircraft in a timely fashion for the right price, it is best to think beyond your borders. It’s a global market and the current trend and demand is to buy in the US and sell abroad for a host of reasons. Continue reading Marketing Your Aircraft for Export

Mark Smith of Kavango Air: Still Funny

Screen Shot 2013-02-05 at 12.13.15 PMAfter all these years, trials and tribulations, not only is Mark as funny as ever, but he’s also an ironman nutcase.  If running an air charter outfit in northern Botswana wasn’t masochistic enough, Mark regularly grinds out 3 hour, 4 hour early morning rides beyond the buffalo fence north of Maun into god knows where for a bite to eat and drink before cruising back into the metropolis of the Okavango Delta. Continue reading Mark Smith of Kavango Air: Still Funny