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NOTAMs: “What if, instead, the Authorities had simply written what they meant?”

  Mark Zee’s statement above is sticking in my mind as I prepare for the IFR add on to my CFI.  Mainly because I see it leaking into how we learn. Archaic CFII and IFR prep questions remind me that … Continue reading

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Homage to the Skywagon (Cessna 180 / 185)

When I first got into aviation I called my company Skywagon Air Service.  That’s how nuts I was.  Nuts about the 180 / 185 that is.  In the basement, of this house, next to this 185, is where the company … Continue reading

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Fly Your Dog?

A key consideration for your next Cessna 140 modified bush plane: Can you fit the hound? So you purchased a 1947 Cessna 140, put some bush tires on it, and your therapist feels that this is a good direction (and … Continue reading

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Vicarious Spin Training and Observation

Big thank you to Elliot Seguin for showing what a long term spin can look like in slow mo – in a vertical wind tunnel (iFLY in Ontario, CA).  The PT-17 is a hallmark of WWII training and current day … Continue reading

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Mach Crit and Supercritical Wings

Sometime around 1962 aerodynamicists realized there was more that could be done. More efficiency to gain at speeds near the speed of sound. But most importantly, the phenomena so iconic in this picture wasn’t fully understood until the mid 1960s.  Sure, … Continue reading

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Your Seaplane Rating is Waiting

If you live in northern California (or are passing through), and seek to be a more well rounded aviator, consider the wonders of a PA-18 Super Cub on straight floats.  It is mild mannered, reliable, honest and peppy enough to … Continue reading

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NASA Humor: “That wing sure is critical”

I found this image on reddit and realized that since criticism and CRM are topics of interest, this would be a nice post to prime the pump for an upcoming article I’ll be doing on the supercritical wing. The interesting thing about … Continue reading

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