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Pattern Work, Landing and Teaching

I’m near certain that umpteen zillion posts have written about this subject.  Nevertheless, here I go with my addition to the pile. How do you teach students to land safely, who didn’t know how to fly a mere 10 hours … Continue reading

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Come to Papa: Airbus and the C Series

Conceiving, designing, prototyping and launching a great airplane isn’t enough.  You need buckets of money.  Container ships of it.  Some connections with the mob, won’t hurt either.  Better yet, if you are in a big hurry, a rich and connected European … Continue reading

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Daily Pic

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Boeing v. Trudeau

I’m not a terribly patriotic Canadian, but I think this is an interesting story worth following. Hegemony, aerospace, and the military industry industrial complex make for great reading when trying to understand the 51st State “nort of de border” as … Continue reading

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How To Buy An Airplane Like a Pro

One of the pleasures of being a flight instructor, consultant and occasional contract pilot is that I get to spend a lot of time around pilots keen to buy a taildragger, turboprop and occasionally a jet.  Even existing aircraft owners … Continue reading

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What Should You Charge as a CFI?

As a new, old, or “returning” (in my case) CFI, a nagging question might be:  “WTF should I charge?”  And stumped you should be, since general aviation can be an opaque place that doesn’t love you back as much as … Continue reading

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Astronaut vs. Bus Driver (Part 2)

For those of us that extract money from airplanes and aerospace related things, the evolution of the pilot archetype fascinates me. Jeff Friedrich outlines the current trend of the marginalization of skilled labor in one of the best articles on … Continue reading

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